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Well. Hello! Umm.

I'm Romanian, living in Oxford, UK, for most of the year as I'm currently studying Law. I have a slight obsession with cats and mythology and adore reading and intellectual property law.

I used to be quite active with photography and drawing but a very personal event made me retire for a while. Now I'm trying to get back into it. Lately I've been working on jewellery as well which I should start posting soon.

That being said, my biggest passion is writing. I have two novels and a non-fiction mythology anthology in the works though at this point I highly doubt I'll get published. I'm looking at posting things here for now but I'm not sure about it yet.

Currently, I am running a book review project which shall start in full as soon as I get enough time for it. I've started posting my writing, after much coaxing by a few really nice people I trust enough to let them do it.

Don't let my sarcasm deter you - I do love a chat :)

I upload drawings or pictures every day. If I miss one, I apologise.

Literature and other writings are more random for now. Sorry!

Due to personal life events, I'm having trouble keeping up guys but I'm still alive and kicking - will post whenever I can.
Hi everyone,

And a massive thank you!!! to a guy who is too nice for this universe, :iconclockchat: . He was awesome and gave me a premium membership, partly I believe to try and get my sorry behind online and writing more. Talk about incentives... Check out his page, he is a very talented guy. Have I mentioned he's awesome?

It's 2 am here and I'm exhausted so will keep this short. I know I haven't been on for ages and I don't really expect anyone to follow this at this point. I do intend to make a come back but I've done a lot of intending and not a lot of coming back for a while now. 

I have a job, paid and all this time and even within the legal profession, and I'm saving up to qualify as a lawyer (a degree is not enough here). I work 9 hours + most days, end up spending about 11 hours away from home so that and daily chores mean I am over worked, under slept and extremely stressed. It's gonna be worth it when I finally qualify, or so I tell myself, but for now it's hell on wheels. To top it off, there are some pretty nasty things happening on a more personal level. I would need a time turner, coffee IV and a drinking problem to do more than barely handle it all. 

I've been reading a lot - if anyone has a goodreads they know about the reading challenge on there. I do one every year and this year I'm going strong at 29 books so far. I think that's less than I had last year around now but who knows. It does mean I can recommend some pretty awesome titles. In short:
  1. The Kate Daniels Series - Magic Bites is the first one and you will get hooked. The stuff's like crack, I go through one a day if I can. (Braaaain, what's with all the addiction jokes?!). Get it. Read it. Now.
  2. Death Vigil - Comic series, our very own deviantart has some of it. The writer is incredible and it's possibly the best I've ever read. Too lazy to link, just do a search.  
  3. The Long Earth - a co-op between Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter, an amazing piece of scifi that is just lore heavy enough not to feel patronising and to grip you and make the world feel real but not Dune heavy either. Must read. 
  4. Smoke and Mirrors - really cool short story collection by Neil Gaiman, good friend to the sadly departed Terry Pratchett and husband to the amazing if odd singer Amanda Palmer. The story about the Holy Grail is a must read. 
  5. Parasol Protectorate - Soulless is the first one. Bit odd and quirky but that's why I love it. Search for an excerpt first to try it out. Author is an awesome lady. 
So yeah. Thanks to the coolest guy on here, I swear I'm alive and wishing to return, life's a pain in the neck. 

Take care. Over and out. 
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews
  • Drinking: Coke and Amaretto

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